Various Modes of Ozone-Oxygen Gas Mixture Application in
Patients with Eczema

Irina V. Kosheleva , Oleg L. Ivanov , Alexander G. Kulikov
Moscow Medical "Sechenov" Academy, Department of Skin & Venereal Diseases
Bolshaya Pyrogovskaya Str., 4, Moscow, Russia.


Non-pharmacological methods of treatment of skin diseases become more and more popular, and ozone therapy is one of the most actual of them. The paper reports an investigation of the effects of ozone therapy on various pathogenic factors of eczema (E) and analyses differences between modes of ozone-oxygen gas mixture application in patients with E.
Our interest of seeking new ways in treating E. is based on the fact that E. is one of the most сommon skin diseases; patients suffering from E. usually show hypersensitivity to various chemical agents, including medications. Due to this they can exhibit perverted reaction to pharmacological treatment, primarily by exacerbation of inflammatory skin lesions and itch. That is why, we concentrated our efforts on various methods of nonpharmacological treatment in patients with E.

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