Medical Ozone for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Complications associated by Chemotherapy of Ovary

Medical Ozone for Prophylaxis and Treatment of
Complications associated by
Chemotherapy of Ovary Cancer

Guennadi O. Gretchkanev1, Tatyana S. Katchalina2, E.Yu. Palkina3, Claudia N.
Kontorchikova4, El-Hassoun Husein5 
 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Academy of Nizhny Novgorod,


We observed 55 women which received adjuvant chemotherapy after non-radical surgery for ovary cancer, 35 of them underwent ozonetherapy in the form of rectal insufflations of an ozone-oxygen mixture with assistance of the equipments and
accessories of Medozons-Company according to a specially developed method.
The present investigation resulted in the following:
- ozonetherapy caused an improvement in patients' state, in their sleep and appetite, a decrease in nausea and vomiting;
- ozonetherapy produced an immunomodulating effect, mainly on the humoral immunity;
- ozonetherapy improved the indices of lipid peroxidation without exogenous antioxidants.

Based on the above mentioned, we can draw a preliminary conclusion about the clinical efficiency and pathogenetic verification of ozonetherapy in the correction of complications associated by chemotherapy of ovary cancer.


Systemic non-specific side effects of chemotherapeutics are frequently considered a limiting factor of further treatment and their efficient correction is the most important measure which is equal in its importance to determination of an adequate course of cytostatic treatment. In order to prevent chemotherapy complications it is necessary to carry out a complex of
therapeutic measures of different action, in particular, metabolic treatment with medicines containing antidiabetic biguanides, hypolipidemics, deagregants, adaptogens, anticoagulants, bioprotectors, antioxidants (3). This method has some disadvantages, most of all - polypragmasy, which is double dangerous on the background of strong cytostatics used .

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