Ozone in Obstitrics & Gynaecology

Ozone in Obstitrics & Gynaecology

prof. Nabil MAWSOUF

Ozone was first used in medicine in 1870, and since then hundreds of research works were published on its use in several medical specialties.
International Ozone Association was founded in 1972. Use of ozone in medicine is approved in 22 countries and lately in Egypt. Ozone works by inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. It enhances circulation and stimulates oxygen metabolism and antioxidant enzymes up regulation. It inhibits tumor metabolism and activates the immune system. Ozone is used in vascular diseases, diabetes, diabetic complications, viral hepatitis, rheumatic diseases, wound infection, cancer, burns and treating many other medical problems. Ozone can be administered by Injection (autohaemotherapy, direct injection into a muscle, joint or direct into a tumor) or Insuflation (into ear, vagina, rectum or urethra) or ingestion of ozonated water or transdermal (bagging, body suit, steam sauna or cream).

The application of medical ozone in the field obstetrics and gynecology included the treatment of endometritis, endometriosis, placental insufficiency, autoimmune miscarriage, female infertility of inflammatory origin and inflammatory diseases of lower female genital organs. Ozone therapy is a safe, effective agent used by it self or as an adjuvant for managing many medical problems in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

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