In Memoriam Nabil Mauwsouf

Professor Nabil Mawsouf In Memoriam

We are sad.
We are very sad, we have lost a friend.

It was only the beginning of May this year, and we were still able to experience an apparently indefatigable Nabil Mawsouf.
In fact, his last 2-days ozone workshop in the „Cancer Institute" at the Cairo University, where he had been active for so many years, was received enthusiastically.
In a manner so clear and precise, as we knew him, Nabil Mawsouf presented one of the many dissertations he had been supervising at the University of Cairo, dissertations that had left a decisive mark
in providing the scientific foundations for ozone/oxygen therapy over the last 15 years.
Since our first meeting at the 15th Ozone World Congress of the International Ozone Association in London in 2001, we have been campaigning for medical ozone side by side, at a large number of workshops and congresses all over the world, and also fought for its acceptance at politically explosive press conferences in Egypt.
When the „Egyptian Medical Society for Ozone Therapy and Complementary Medicine" was founded in 2006, it became a member, with Nabil Mawsouf as President, of the „European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies" and celebrated its debut by holding their first major ozone congress at Cairo University.
The enthusiasm, the international acceptance and last but not least the hospitality, from which we here in Europe can learn a great deal, were unforgettable.
Also unforgettable our „post congress" experiences, for example the Nile cruise to Luxor, Assuan....or with the Mayas in Palenque, in Nikko the Sunshine City.....and many other cultural centres over the world. Now, sadly, we will have to master our desert and oasis tour without him.
Nabil enriched our lives, with his friendship, his openness and tolerance, with his scientific impetus,
his continuous preparedness to initiate studies, supervise them and communicate their results.
That we were able to work with him, and were privileged with his friendship makes us all the more proud and thankful ... ...

Nabil Mawsouf died on 31st August 2015. Requiescat in pace! May he rest in piece.

Baden-Baden, im September 2015-09-08
Renate Viebahn-Hänsler, Ziad+Marianne Fahmy, Michael Schreiber, Heinrich+Fatima Habig,Olga Sonia León, Nariko Shinriki, Toru Taguchi, Aziz Aziz, Lamberto Re, Stefan Tiron.
„Medical Society for the Use of Ozone in Prevention and Therapy", Germany




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